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Discover Aïda Trio, a bold fusion of traditional Latin American rhythms and contemporary sounds, creating an exhilarating and captivating acoustic celebration.

Immerse yourself in their innovative, diverse and intrepid music, a true ode to the diversity and cultural richness of our modern world. Aïda Trio reinvents musical trance and the hypnotic repetition of African and Latin sounds, through an unexpected prism of jazz, rock and pop.

Confusing and captivating, the group is driven by the raw emotion and commitment of drummer and singer Aïda Diop. Its unique timbre, supported by the talent of pianist Julien Ménage and the percussive notes of saxophonist Louis Billette, takes you on an unrivaled Creole journey. With Aïda Trio, each note is an invitation to escape, each rhythm a step towards the unknown.

The group


Aïda Diop, drummer and singer of the group, is the beating heart of AÏDA. His deep and sensitive voice, combined with his drumming, creates a unique and captivating atmosphere. A talented lyricist, her sensitive and committed lyrics nourish the group's identity.

Drums, vocals, compositions, arr.

Aïda Diop

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Saxophone, arr.

Louis Billette

Louis Billette, saxophonist of the group, unique in his kind, is the link that unites the members of AÏDA. His expressive and percussive playing perfectly complements the rhythms of Aïda and Julien, creating a unique musical alchemy.

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Piano, bass piano, arr.

Julien Ménagé

Julien Ménage, pianist of the group, provides essential rhythmic and harmonic support.
His innovative and eclectic musical style enriches the sound of Aïda Trio, adding an extra dimension to their music.

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Sound engineer

Valentin Savio

Artist, producer and sound technician, Valentin Savio is first and foremost a manipulator and dissector of sound. He makes his practice multi- and inter-disciplinary: sound as a pillar in contemporary and performing arts.


    The musical experience offered by AÏDA is a captivating journey through diverse genres and cultures. Their compositions are inspired and eclectic, offering a sound show that invites escape and discovery.



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    Clip Live Session

    Immerse yourself in the striking visual universe of Aïda Trio. From vibrant stage performances to artistic music videos to intimate studio sessions, immerse yourself in their unique world.


    Concert Bruit Rose - Fribourg


    Concert Bruit Rose - Fribourg

    Crève Seule




    Aïda Gabrielle Diop

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